- An effective hemostatic pad which saves time
for healthcare professionals and patients.

Used to terminate dialysis treatment when
dialysis channels are removed from the A-V fistula.

- Makes the bleeding stop in minutes
- Very good haemostatic and absorbing properties
- Saves time for both nurse and patient
- Beneficial price that reduces the health care costs
- A pure natural product based on sea tangle
- No side effects
- No skin irritation
- Latex and phthalate-free
- Painless for the patient when removing StopHemo
- Very well documented
- Each package contains 25 pcs StopHemo
- Sterile packaging
- Ordered directly from Nordic Medcom AB

How to use StopHemo?

When dialysis channels are removed you first put on StopHemo and on top StopHemo a gauze pad and press for a few minutes.

Then loosen the gauze pad and StopHemo gently. It does not matter if micro fibers from StopHemo sticks to the wound - potential micro fibers are resorbed during healing.

A patch is applied over the needle puncture hole and on top of the plaster a gauze pad which is attached with adhere. These are removed by the dialysis patients themselves after a few hours. For dialysis patients where it is deemed that the bleeding may start again, replace a patch with new StopHemo hemostatic pad.
Description Package Article No.
StopHemo-HD 25 pcs/set B262SPB Sets
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