Redsense comprised of two parts - an alarm unit and a sensor patch, which is connected to the alarm device. The sensor patch, a disposable product, is applied over the venous needle like a patch. The alarm unit attached to the patient. The fiber optic bloodsensor is the base of the technology. The sensor is a single-use article in the form of a patch with a plastic optical fiber inside. The blood sensor placed over the venous needle to detect blood from the patient when the needle is pulled out by mistake. The sensor is connected to the alarm unit that is for multiple use.
Description Package Article No.
Alarm unit with CE-charger 1 set RA-1-RA001A pkg.
Sensor patch 100 pcs RS-100-RS001-S pkg.
Velcore strap (size S) 1 pcs RV-5-RV001 pkg.
Velcore strap (size M) 1 pcs RV-5-RV002 pkg.
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